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Connection between probiotics and lower blood pressure

Video: Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra on benefits of grounding
Caution: if you are on Coumadin, or any prescription blood thinner, you need to know that Grounding has a natural blood-thinning effect so there could potentially be too much blood thinning. You’ll need to monitor your blood carefully and above all consult with your doctor.

Fluoride exposure and low IQ children

Could half of children be autistic by 2025?

Every mother and father, grandparent, aunt and uncle, bishop and priest, school principal and teacher needs to watch the shocking truths revealed on the VAXXED film. It’s available for an economical rental fee at Amazon.

Read Synopsis here

Watch Vaxxed Trailer 


How Rockefeller Founded Modern Medicine and Killed Natural Cures

Cannabis oil & child leukemia
Note: The Family Life Center strongly recommends avoiding all forms of cannabis for hallucinogenic purposes.

Video – In-Depth: The Manifold Benefits of Vitamin C
Dr. Suzanne Humpries

Vitamin C Saved People Dying of Sepsis

Fox News Tucker Carlson interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. on Vaccines 
Robert Kennedy Jr. Warns of Harm to Kids from Mercury in Vaccines

Aluminum in Vaccines

Outdoor Life is a Boon for Those with Autism

Butter: Nature’s Perfect Fat

Trump’s Vaccine Safety Panel

CDC Lied about Mercury in Vaccines

The One Heart-Healthy Vitamin Surgeon Would Take to a Desert Island

Video: Best Organic Sea Fertilizer That You Can Eat!