Is There a Way to Curb Cohabitation?

Is There A Way to Curb Cohabitation? by Steve Wood Cohabitation is the new normal, up 900 percent over the past half century. About half to two-thirds of couples getting married today lived together before making a marital commitment. This morning, I received a letter...
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The Big Courtship Question: Earlier or Later Marriage? Part I

by Steve Wood Men today face sexual temptations of cataclysmic proportions. I’m afraid that the vast majority of Christian men (both Protestant and Catholic) are on the losing side in the war for purity. Recently, a Protestant Evangelical pastor told me that he asked...
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The Big Courtship Question: Earlier or Later Marriage? Part II

by Steve Wood In Part I of The Courtship Question, I discussed how a return to a younger age for marriage, while certainly not a cure-all for sexual immorality, is one way to preserve purity and build stronger marriages. This recommendation is nothing new. I cited St....
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Video: Relationship DUI

Are you experiencing timeless love or a time-limited chemical high? Watch this video for great relationship advice from...
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Don’t Wait for Marriage: Young Adults should be Tying Knot Earlier, not Later

Don't Wait for Marriage: Young Adults Should Be Tying Knot Earlier, Not Later By John Van Epp Waiting around to walk down the aisle may make your wedding vows harder to keep. It was the end of my junior year of college, and I was considering marrying the woman of my...
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Is there a more reliable way than cohabitation to test a relationship for compatibility?


Find out more about pre-engagement compatibility testing.