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Building Your Marriage on the Rock (CD)
Steve Wood

Strengthen Your Marriage  (CD)
Steve Wood

What Works in Marriages  (CD)
Steve Wood

Divorce-Proofing with Natural Family Planning  (CD)
Steve Wood with Bruce & Diane Conroy and Dr. Kim Hardy

Articles on Marriage
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Marriage Counseling

How to Choose a Marriage Counselor
A great resource for choosing a counselor is the CD How to Choose a Catholic Therapist or Catholic Marriage Counselor with Steve Wood and Catholic clinical psychologist Dr. William Bellet. On this CD, Steve Wood and Dr. Bellet share invaluable advice for how to choose a good counselor, and how to avoid fatal mistakes that could literally ruin the chances of saving your marriage. They cover a wide range of topics including:

  • The important question to ask of a potential counselor
  • Why Confession is a necessary prerequisite to successful counseling
  • What to do if a spouse is unwilling to change or go to counseling

Marriage Counseling Advice
A good article on marriage counseling is How Therapy Can Be Hazardous to Your Marital Health by Dr. Bill Doherty. (Please note that we do not recommend other articles on the website by Bill Doherty).

Marriage Intensives
Unlike weekly counseling sessions, marriage intensive programs are a multi-day, focused, counseling experience. A four-day intensive may restore your marriage more than what might be accomplished with four months of traditional counseling.

The Gary Smalley National Institute of Marriage (NIM) is the first organization to specialize in marriage intensives. For most couples the four-day intensive is the best choice. Other options include the “Spouses Intensives” when only one spouse is open to restore a marriage. 70% of those attending a NIM intensive are on the brink of divorce and the vast majority of those attending report they are more satisfied in their marriage. The counselors with the NIM are Evangelical Protestants, although they welcome both Protestants and Catholics to participate. A significant number of Catholics have successfully completed in the intensives.

Help for Addictions in Marriage


Pornography Addiction

Sexual Addiction