Pornography & Sexual Addiction


Resources for Pornography Addiction

Breaking Free: 12 Steps to Sexual Purity (Booklet & eBooklet)
Steve Wood

Breaking Free: 12 Steps to Sexual Purity (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

How Pornography Alters the Brain… and How to Change it Back (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

How to Help Families Break Free from Pornography (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

How to Heal Sexual Addiction (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood with Dr. Mark Lasser

10 Steps to Start a St. Joseph Freedom’s Group
Steve Wood

Young Men Breaking Free (Booklet & eBooklet) New!
Steve Wood

Every Young Man’s Battle (DVD)
Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker

Pure Mind Scripture Memory Volume 1
Steve Wood

Pure Mind Scripture Computer Program (Free Download)
Steve Wood

Help for Overcoming Temptation with The Power of Four
Imagine if there was a spiritual practice that if meaningfully engaged in at least four times a week would significantly help men overcome temptation. Well, there is just such a practice as Steve Wood explains on this mp3 download.

Websites for Pornography Addiction – A website for those struggling to overcome online pornography, as well as spouses of those struggling, sponsored by Focus on the Family. – Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) Has group meetings throughout North America that follow the AA 12-step model. This and other 12-step groups vary in quality, depending upon leadership and make-up of the local group. Discernment is required. – Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) Has group meetings throughout the world that follow the 12-step model. Quality of local chapters vary. Careful discernment is required in evaluating a local group.


Counselors for Pornography & Sexual Addiction

Dr. Mark Laaser
Dr. Mark Laaser is an Evangelical Protestant, who pledges to be respectful to Catholic beliefs and moral teaching. He has worked with numerous Catholics, including Catholic priests struggling with addictions. Dr. Mark Laaser has written two excellent books for those seeking healing from a pornography or sexual addiction: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction and L.I.F.E. Guide for Men: A Workbook for Living in Freedom Everyday in Sexual Wholeness and Integrity.Born out of their own struggles with sexual addiction and how it affected their marriage, Mark & Debbie Laaser founded an organization called Faithful & True. We recommend both their 3-5 day intensives as well as their 2 and 5 day workshops. A few days of intensive counseling will help jump start the recovery process and perhaps save six months of weekly counseling. The intensives can be attended by individual men, or a husband and wife together. The 2 or 5 day workshops, composed of 20 to 50 men, are periodically scheduled throughout the year. Like the intensives, many have found that the workshops are helpful in moving forward the recovery process. Learn more by visiting Faith & True‘s website or by calling 952-746-3880.

Dr. Douglas Weiss
Dr. Douglas Weiss, in Colorado Springs , is reported to be a successful sexual addiction counselors. Dr. Weiss, a former sex addict, knows firsthand how to overcome a sexual addiction. Many have found the travel to Colorado worthwhile in order to obtain his services. Dr. Weiss is an Evangelical Protestant, so he will not hold to all of the Catholic moral teachings. Nevertheless, he will be respectful to your beliefs. His three-day intensive counseling program is designed to help those with pornography and/or sexual addictions.
Rob Jackson’s counseling services has been successfully used by Catholics struggling with sexual addiction and intimacy issues. He is open to travel to meet with couples to conduct his intensive 5-day, twenty hour clinical workshop.
Peter Kleponis is a Catholic counselor for pornogrpahy, men’s issues, homosexuality, and marital counseling. He combines solid aspects of modern psychology with Catholic spirituality to offer comprehensive counseling services. He is experiences in a wide variety of men’s counseling issues. Couples experiencing a high level of anger and strife should pay particular attention to the expertise on forgiveness therapy offered by Peter Kleponis.


Please note that websites for Dr. Laaser, Dr. Weiss and Rob Jackson require discernment but nevertheless offer substantial help to individuals and families. Discernment is also required for articles and books not related to sexual addiction recovery.

Accountability Computer Programs & Websites

Pure Mind Scripture Memory Program
How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to thy word.” Psalm 119:9. The Pure Mind Scripture Program uses the same scriptures listed in the last half of Steve Wood’s Breaking Free booklet and also used in the Pure Mind Scripture cards. Having a computer program gives you an added reinforcement using these powerful scriptures. You can configure the program to start manually, or to load automatically upon boot up. We strongly recommend the boot-up option so that the first thing you see on your computer is one of these scriptures. Every time you boot up a new scripture is automatically selected. The program can be easily uninstalled any time you wish.

X3 Watch Accountability Program
X3 Watch is a free accountability software program offered by (other organizations charge as much as $20. per month for this service) Whenever you visit a questionable site, X3 Watch saves the site name on the computer. Every 2 weeks your accountability partner will receive an email containing the questionable sites you may have visited. This report only goes to your chosen accountability partner and is not stored or used by or any other organization.

Internet Filter Review
A website that reports on the effectiveness, ease of use, and features of various software programs blocking objectionable material on the Internet. Such software is necessary for blocking Internet pornography from home and office.

PC Magazine
Search for “porn filters,” “content filtering,” or “parental controls” at PC Magazine for the latest recommendations for protecting your family’s computers. Before purchasing filtering software, or subscribing to an accountability service, do an Internet search for: “How to defeat/bypass/circumvent/disable (name of software/service).” It’s shocking how easy it is for youth to learn how to disable Internet filtering.


If you are a woman experiencing sexual addiction there is a 99% chance that your heart and mind are filled with shame and depression over your acts. You are not alone in your struggle. Approximately 1/3 of sexual addicts are female. It is possible to break the cycle of addictive relationships and behaviors. Don’t battle this alone. Reach out and get these valuable resources and get yourself to a Bethesda Workshop.

No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Shame (book)
Marnie Ferree

A L.I.F.E. Guide for Women Living in Everyday Freedom (book)
Marnie Ferree

Bethesda Workshops
For those women whose lives seem hopelessly out of control and filled with shame from sexual addiction will find Bethesda Workshops an oasis of hope and healing. Four or five times a year these exceptional workshops are held in Nashville, TN. Attendance is limited, so early registration is recommended. Bethesda Workshops are led by Evangelical Protestants who are respectful to Catholic beliefs. Several Catholic women have profited by attending Bethesda Workshops.
Special note: When using any Evangelical counselor or workshop do not expect to encounter a fully developed Catholic sexual morality, sacramental theology, or a complete Catholic understanding of the purposes of marriage. Also, several of these seminars and resources may positively refer to authors who see nothing wrong with masturbation, birth control, or other sins.  All of the above recommendations are good sources of training for those already firmly grounded in Catholic theological and moral teaching. If you do not have such a theological and moral grounding, then consult your spiritual director before attending.