Parenting Resources

Excellence in Christian Parenting (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

10 Mistakes Parents Make with Their Kids (CD)
Steve Wood with Patrick Madrid

Cautions About Digital Child: Strategies for Parenting the i-Generation (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

How to Raise Godly Young Men (CD)
Steve Wood with Sean Dalton

How to Prevent 20-Something Faith Dropouts (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

Making the Transition: A Theological Strategy for Parenting Teens (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

Preventing Teen Problems (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

Tackling Teen Problems (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood and Joe Hyland

The 10 Secrets of Training Children for Mass (CD & MP3)
Steve Wood

What’s Missing in Catholic Education (CD)
Steve Wood



Trinity Teen Solutions
This Wyoming boarding school for girls has had good success with troubled teen girls. Trinity Teen Solutions is a Christian based, state-licensed residential treatment center that offers healing and therapeutic services to troubled girls between the ages of 12-18. Visit their website or call 855-631-4424 for more information.