The number one reason given for cohabitating is that a couple wants to test their relationship for compatibility. While at first it might seem a reasonable way to determine compatibility, cohabitation frequently results in a weakened unhappy marital relationship.

The Family Life Center offers a reliable, insightful, easy, and rewarding way to test a relationship for compatibility before engagement using the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA).

This test is taken on a computer from anywhere in the world. Both the young man and the young woman take the inventory first on themselves and then on their partner. The results are computer-graded with an easy-to-understand graphic representation of the strengths and weaknesses of themselves, each other, and the dynamics of their relationship.

A comprehensive interpretative report for T-JTA is sent to the Family Life Center. After reviewing the results and the reports, Steve Wood will meet with the couple for one hour via Skype to go over the results.

This service is only for pre-engaged couples contemplating a first marriage. If you, or someone you know, wants to learn the specifics about taking the T-JTA with the Family Life Center, just send us an inquiry…

Pre-Engagement Compatibility Testing

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